Mekong Delta - Floating market and daily life - Vietnam

For my journey in the Mekong Delta I chose to visit first Vinh Long and An Binh island and then Can Tho.
My Tho looks like pretty commercial and touristic and no need to go to Cai Be cause I'm going to see the Cai Be floating market (which is the main attraction) from An Binh.

I didn't book any tour from agency and decided to organize this trip by myself. I really wanted to see the local life and no stay on a boat with 40 persons.....
After few days of rest at Gili Island, why do not try a little trekking? Well, to be honest, my first intention was not to do a challenging activity, but it was the panorama offered by the Rinjani Mountain which made me want to try the experience.
Be careful, for people who do not practice current sport (like me), think twice before embarking you on this trekking which is extremely hard and strain. But if you want to challenge yourself and discover stunning views, let's do it! What a reward when you will get to the summit!

To me, it was the most surprising and experiencing moment in my trip in Indonesia. Definitely the highlight! 

Trekking - Mount Rinjani - Lombok - 3 days / 2 nights

"This program not recommended for beginer. This package designed for real trekker (advance). The participants must be at good condition level of fitness and have several mountain climbing experience" (written in guide books)

Volcano view, Mount Rinjani, Indonésia

Day 1
The trek started from Senaru village around 10 am.
For this first day, we climbed around 6 to 7 hours. 
Right from the start the way up is very hard and it's really hot. Don't lose courage and try to find your pace.

Senaru, trekking starting point, Mount Rinjani, Indonésia
Starting point

climbing, climbing hard...

Climbing hard, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia Climbing hard, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia Climbing hard, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia

Around 6 pm, exhausted, we reached the campsite - 2600m - Plawangan Senaru crater rim.
Our reward: the wonderful view over the lake Segara Anak and amazing landscape. 
We are above the clouds....

Volcano view, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia

Sunset, above the clouds, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia

Beautiful sunset...

Sunset, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia

Beautiful sunset, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia

Beautiful pink sunset, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia

Dinner time! Quite basic, but after a day like this, we just want one thing: go to sleep!
And it is very cold here, almost freezing....

Diner time, tent, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia

Day 2
After a short but restful night's sleep, we went down to the lake and the hot spring - 2000m.
Around 2,5 hours walk, steep down and very slippery (due to the rain) so quite dangerous!

Going down, slippery rock, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia
raide, raide la descente...
But, again, the stunning landscapes make the pain away.

Hot spring, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia

Hot springs, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia

After the lake, we climbed till the next campsite.
Muscles getting more and more painful but the mental is still here after a quick swim in the hot springs.

Stunning landscape, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia

After few hours climb (can not say how many, the lack of air start to be felt), we arrive at the campsite, exhausted!

Lake, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia

Rainbow, sunset, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia

Sunset, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia

travel mate, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia
La dream team

Day 3

We have to hang on, it is the last part, but also the most challenging of the trek.
Wake up at 2.00am and start to climb at 2.30am to reach the Mount Rinjani summit - 3726m.

Around 3 hours climb to the summit (depends on your pace, bu the idea is to get there before the sun rise - 5.30 or 5.45am).

We climb in the dark, we can not make it out, the only light is the light from the headlamp.
The is a small light at the summit (like a lighthouse). We can see it from a long-distance, we think we are close, it seems it won't take very long to reach the summit, but no! Even if you keep moving forward toward the light, the distance do not move.
And after the stones, it is in the sand to have to climb... and because it is quite steep, when you take 2 steps forward, you slip 1 step back. Never ending!!!!!
Feeling not to move forward, it is sweat, warm, cold, then freezing, exhausted, having no strengh left, run out of steam, want to give up, want to cry, push yourself, can't breathe, dizzy, surpassing, mindset, shaking legs....

And finally... the summit... It is 5.45am
Yes, I made it! 

Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia, reach the summit, sunrise

After a break to recover from this challenging climb, it is time to go down.
Here we go again! 7 to 8 hours walk to reak the end of the trek, at the Semblalun village.
From an altitude of 3726m to an altitude of 1100m.

Volcano view, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia

 Going down, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia

ruler of the world, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia

End of the trek, mount Rinjani Indonesia

And a special mention to the porters (around 40kg/pp to carry at the beginning)

porters, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia  Porters, local people, Trekking mount Rinjani Indonesia

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Turquoise sea with boat at Gili Trawangan Indonesia

Gili Trawangan, the perfect paradise island to chill out

This article will be short because after 1 year through Australia, following by a 10 day trip in Bali, at this time, I just wanted one thing, have a rest.
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I choose to stay there 3 days and 3 nights (just before the famous challenging trekking of Rinjani).
The program? Sleeping, snorkelling, eating, drinking, taning, and sleeping again :)

On the island you can find whatever you want, restaurants, bar, beaches... and also enjoy the other islands around (Gili Air and Gili Meno).

Hard program!

Turquoise sea with boat at Gili Trawangan Indonesia

Little indonesian girls in the sea at Gili Trawangan Indonesia

A quick swim in the sea at Gili Trawangan Indonesia

Beautiful sunset at Gili Trawangan Indonesia

Sea with boat at Gili Trawangan Indonesia

Beautiful sunset at Gili Trawangan Indonesia

Night food market at Gili Trawangan Indonesia
Food market

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