Karijini National Park - WA

Karijini is one of the most impressive national park in Australia. 
Located on the west coast, the way to get there is not easy cause you have to drive through the desert but it will be worth it. Note that a 4WD is necessary.

Karijini National Park it's narrow gorges, red rocks and natural pools; a spectacular landscape.
During my journey I visited the Dales Gorge, the Knox Gorge, the Joffre Gorge and the Hancock Gorge.

On our way heading the Karijini National Park : the desert.... alone in the middle of nowhere...
Better to hit the road with others cars (just in case of...) and don't gorget to get some cans of petrol...


The Dales Gorge
At the Dales Gorge, you can stop at the look out, go down to the Circular pool and walk till the Fortescue Falls.
The walktrail to the Circular pool is class 4, which means it's for "experienced" buchwalkers (it was written on the sign) but if you take care, everyone can do it (except children).
This is for the rough track which descends the side of the gorge.

Dales Gorge look out



Circular pool


Fortescue Falls

The Knox Gorge

On the way heading Knox Gorge...

Knox Gorge map

Knox gorge lookout


The Joffre Gorge
At the Joffre gorge, I stopped to the lookout, then the view and the day after I have been to the waterfalls.

Joffre gorge lookout
From this lookout you can see the spectacular curved waterfall forming a natural amphitheatre.


Joffre Waterfalls
Probably the most difficult track. To get to the Joffre waterfalls, most of the trail is class 4, but the last 150m (descent into the bottom of the gorge) is class 5.

The Hancock Gorge
Kermitts Pool

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