Kalbarri National Park - WA

Visit Kalbarri National Park in 1 day, western australia

Visit Kalbarri National Park in 1 day

Kalbarri is a wild and beautiful National Park located on the Australia west coast. It offers stunning view on the Murchison river, allow to discover beautiful cliffs and wildlife.
I chose to visit it in one day, but you can stay longer if you would like to enjoy beaches and do some challenging hiking.

Here is the map I followed with the main lookout and trails from the entrance of the park (see below "you are here") : Hawks Head and Ross Graham through the Ajana Kalbarri road, the go back to the entrance and take the other junction to join Nature's Window and Z Bend site. If you have time, you can then visit the other side on the coast.

Kalbarri national Park map and main highlights

1. Hawks Head and Ross Graham lookout

Near the entrance, the first stop is Hawks Head that offers a nice scenic view (200 meters return) and leads to the Ross Graham lookout with a stunning view on the Murchison river (100m return).
You can also continue down the path a further 250m to reach the peaceful and sandy bed of the Murchison river.

Hawks Head and Ross Graham lookout

2. Nature's Window and Z-Bend

Then, visit the gorge of the river (est of the park) and reach the Nature's Window and Z-Bend site. Dirty road on 20kms after the junction.

Nature's Window, one of the most lookout, is a natural rock arch that offers a nice view on the Murchison river.

Nature's Window

Nature's Window

Another great point of view on the Murchison river from the Z-Bend lookout (1,2 km return).
You can keep walking on the Gorge Trail (2,6 km return); a demanding walk that explores the gorge's steep sides and the Murchison river.

Z Bend lookout

Z Bend lookout

3. Mushroom Rock

You can finish the tour by the coast, on the top of the cliff, near the city: Pot AlleyRainbow ValleyMushroom Rock and Red Bluff.

Mushroom rock

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