Exmouth / Ningaloo / Coral Bay - WA

The coral coast is considered as one of the last great ocean paradises on earth and probably on of the most spectacular place in western Australia.

The coral coast included, among other places : 
Exmouth, to discover the beautiful Cape Range National Park
- Ningaloo reef where you can stop to have a swim with the whale sharks
- Coral Bay to do some snorkelling or chill out on the beautiful beach.
Exmouth; the Cape Range National Park
Clear water, turquoise sea, white sand... Paradise! 

Turquoise Beach

Ningaloo reef; a swim with the whale-sharks
Yes it's expensive but swimming with whale-shark is an experience you will never forget. 
It's just incredible, no word to describe it, just live it!



    Video extract
    Credit Leith Holtzman
Coral Bay

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