Things to do in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Fairy stream in Mui Ne in Vietnam

Things to do in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Mui Ne is a small seaside resort, still quite preserved from mass tourism (at least in 2014) compare to Nha Trang and often known for her famous sand dunes.
It is here, in Mui Ne, I choose to have a 3-day break in my long trip through Vietnam (1 month). I selected this place because it was quiet, with a big and beautiful beach, a wide range of hotels but also some things to do and visit nearby: from the dairy stream to the white and red sand dunes, but also a small fishing village...
Nevertheless, I think Mui Ne is more a place for "farniente" rather than the discovery of the country and his culture.
Also a place that kite surfer lovers will like cause suitable for this activity. But because one man's meat is another man's poison, this strong wind is not that suitable for people who just want to chill out on the beach an tan (be ready to eat some sand).

The city in itself is not incredible, it is just a big road with a series of hotels, restaurants / pubs and shops. 
Russian tourism is increasing (restaurant's menus and sometimes even the name of the shops are written in russian). 

How to get there

From Saigon (or Ho Chi Minh City), it is quite simple.
Buses from "The Sinh Tourist Company" (which is my favorite buses company in Vietnam) leave from the city center (De Tham road).
Then, it takes around 5 hours drive.
Do not hesitate to tell the driver the name of your hotel, he will drop you off near of it (all the hotels are located on the same big street).

Where to stay 

At this time I was in a "farniente" mind for 3 days so I had to find the appropriate hotel :) I choose the Mui Ne Hills. Very nice, quiet, with a pool and the beach nearby, and all this for a moderate price.
But there are heaps of hotels here, directly with a view on the beach or further, more quiet, for everyone choice.

Pool at Mui Ne Hills Hotel in Vietnam
3-day break in Mui Ne to chill out!

Things to do in Mui Ne

The farniente in a seaside resort it is good, but what are the things to do in Mui Ne or around?
Here you can find a non-exhaustive list with the main activities / trips, all all them are feasible in one day (for the most hurried).

1. The Fairy Stream

A very nice walk in the shallow river, surrounded by the sand dunes and a small waterfall at the end.
It takes around 1 to 1 hour 30.
The scenery is unexpected and stunning.
From all the things to do in Mui Ne, the fairy stream is my favorite so far.

Fairy stream in Mui Ne in Vietnam

Fairy stream in Mui Ne in Vietnam

Fairy stream in Mui Ne in Vietnam

Fairy stream in Mui Ne in Vietnam

2. The small fishing village

The main activity of the village is the harbor and the manufacturing of sauce fish.
A lot of people recommend to get there very early in the morning to attend the return of the fisherman. Unfortunately I was there at the end of the morning so even if that place is pleasant and beautiful it was quiet and I think I missed the most attractive moment of the day.

Fishing village in Mui Ne in Vietnam

Fishing village in Mui Ne in Vietnam

Scooter on the beach in a fishing village in Mui Ne in Vietnam

3. The white sand dunes

A very impressive place but overcrowded to me.
If you rent a quad and try to avoid the tourist groups over there, you should be able to feel you like in the Sahara desert. 

The white sand dunes in Mui Ne in Vietnam

4. The red sand dunes

I was there by the end of the day, for the sunset. Beautiful!
Again, a lot of tourists... Nevertheless, if you walk over the first hill it should be more quiet and you will appreciate the landscape.
You will see a lot a children having fun there and slide down the hill with a plastic board (you can rent one if you want).

The red sand dunes in Mui Ne in Vietnam   The red sand dunes in Mui Ne in Vietnam

The red sand dunes in Mui Ne in Vietnam

5. And like everywhere in Vietnam, the road is an attraction itself!

Animals cattle on the road in Mui Ne in Vietnam

After theses few days rest, it is time to hit the road again.
Now, let's go to Dalat, few hours drive from here.

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