Nha Trang - Salt field and fishing village

Workers in salt field - Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang is a very touristic place with heaps of resorts, hotel, hudge buildings.... If you're looking for beaches and party, this place is for you. If not, don't stay there.
You can also book a boat trip day to visit 4 islands (Mun Island, Môt Island, Tranh and Mieu) and do some snorkelling. It's nice but not amazing....

The reason why I decided to stay 3 days here and also the reason why I decided to create a special article about Nha Trang it's because you can find some very interesting places around there, especially if you like photography.
I was walking on the Nguyen Thien Thuat street In Nha Trang, wondering what am I doing here when I walked past a photo gallery which drawed immediately my attention. I decided to get in and was really blown away by the beauty of all the photos (it's exactly the type I like : landscape, people, daily life in Vietnam). I spoke with the photographer, Mai Loc, who proposed me to join his photo tour the day after. He showed me the real local life of vietnameses; some sights and places that I'll never find or discover on my own, or with an agency tour: the salt field and a fishing village.
His Facebook Page : here
His email : mai_loc98@hotmail.com

The salt field
Around 50 ks from Nha Trang. If you wanna take this pictures, you have to wake up very early. We left Nha Trang at 4am to be in this place around 5am, just before the sunrise. People there were already working (from 3.30am to 10am and then from 2 or 3pm to I don't know). If you arrive too late, you'll miss the good light and the workers. My best shots ever are here :-)
Go back to Nha Trang around 9am.
Worker in salt field around Nha Trang in Vietnam   Worker in salt field around Nha Trang in Vietnam

Workers in salt field around Nha Trang in Vietnam   





Fishing village - Phue
Around 3pm I followed the photographer to a small fishing village. There you can see the boats coming back after fishing, and people who sell the fish.
We also spent time in the village, tried to speak with people, ate with them and played with children...
In this place, people are not used to see tourists so at the beginning they could be suspicious and look at you insistently but after 30 minutes no more embarrassment. Children like photographies and play with the lense. Don't forget to show them some pictures on your camera, it makes them laugh ;-)








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