Mekong Delta - Floating market and daily life

Mekong Delta - Floating market and daily life - Vietnam

For my journey in the Mekong Delta I chose to visit first Vinh Long and An Binh island and then Can Tho.
My Tho looks like pretty commercial and touristic and no need to go to Cai Be cause I'm going to see the Cai Be floating market (which is the main attraction) from An Binh.

I didn't book any tour from agency and decided to organize this trip by myself. I really wanted to see the local life and no stay on a boat with 40 persons.....

How to get there?
From Ho Chi Minh City (Saison) to Vinh Long and An Binh island
From my hostel (district 1), I took the local bus number 2 on Duong Pham Ngu Lao (opposite direction of the Ben Thanh market) to the terminal Mien Tay.Cost: 5000 vnd. Around 45 min to the terminal. Mien Tay is a big bus station where you can find some bus to go to the Mekong Delta. You'll see heaps different counters and companies. I choose MaiLinh Express (recommended) to go to Vinh Ling (clean with AC).Cost: 95000 vnd (around 5 AUD dollars).Then go to the bus (green bus, show your ticket if you get lost, people will show you where to wait).From Mien Tay terminal to Vinh Long, around 2,5 hours. Bus every hour.
The terminal bus station In Vinh Long is not located in the city, so when you get out of the bus, go to the office and ask a minibus/taxi to go to the centrer.
Me, I called my owner and asked him to pick me up there.
Then, let's go to the harbour to take the ferry to An Binh.
No need to stay and sleep in Vinh Long (nothing to do/see), so it's better to go directly to An Binh island.

The ferry.... looks like messy...

The day before I booked on Internet an accomodation in An Binh. It's a home stay.
Room with fan and shared bathroom with hot water. Wifi.
The owner is very nice and friendly; he speaks a bit english.
Included diner and breakfast.

 Ba Linh homestay    Address: 95 An Thanh - An Binh island, Long Ho district, Vinh Long province         
Tel: 0703 858 683 - 0939 138 142    

Around the island
In the afternoon, I ride a bike to explore the island. It's a very quiet and and beautiful place.




And the night, I stayed with the family and learnt how to cook a Mekong Delta traditional dishes.



Boat trip
The day after, my owner booked a boat to visit the delta.
4 hours trip / Depature at 7.30am
This is my boat :-)
On the boat heading CaiBe to see the floating market....





Then we stopped in some handmade shops to see how they make coco candy, honey... in the delta.


Now it's time to try the rowing boat...



I finished my journey on the boat by visiting a orchard with a lot of fruit tree....


... and the Bonzaï garden

How to get to Can Tho?
From Vinh Long to Can Tho
After the beautiful An Binh island I decided to go to Can Tho.
So, let's catch the messy ferry again, then the bus (bus station in the city) to Can Tho (between 45 min and 1h; depends on your driver :-)

The day after, wake up at 5am to leave at 5.30 and take a small boat to visit another part of the Mekong.
Sunrise on the Mekong
Cai Rang floating market.

Phong Dien floating market
This market is smaller than the others. With a rowing boat it's really easy to get in the market, I mean in the middle of the merchant's boat where you can buy some very good fruits. Phong Dien is the less touristic floating market.

After this trip (around 7 hours), go back to Can Tho and I had a look to the central market (Cai Khe market). Not really interesting.
Then, catch the bus (Futa Express) to go back to Saigon.
End of the journey in the Mekong Delta ;-) 

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